Kedjeskrapskimmer CSS

– Modern construction from robust stainless high quality materials.
– Optional side baffle plate wall for external wall mount drive.
– Composite chain with stainless pin NH45 or NH78 strength 400-1600kg
– Multiple scraper flights running light and well guided by wheels in guide rails.
– Easy replaceable and adjustable chains, split sprockets, scraper flights and scum beach.
– Stainless steel scraper flights and full width shafts in composite slide bearing bushings
– Module section design for simple installation and delivery.
– Optional on top of floor mount drive unit or direct shaft mount. Submersible as option
– Quality construction from thick certified stainless material.

Length 3-60m
Width 300-6000mm
Height 300-600mm
Level variation 30-60mm

Chain Scraper Skimmer CSS is a strong high quality ”multi flight” tank top scraper skimmer
that skims and scrapes sludge and grease from water surfaces.
CSS is used as chain and flight sludge scraper and skimmer within applications such as municipal water and waste water treatment in grease traps, primary settling and sedimentation tanks, DAF dissolved air flotation tanks, Industrial water and waste water treatment needing sludge scraper systems.
Strong drive chain with multiple rakes gives fast cleaning cycles for high conveying capabilities.


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