Chain Rake Screen CRS

  • Chain Rake Screen CRS is the worlds strongest multi rake bar screen.
  • Modern construction from robust stainless high quality materials.
  • Optional wedge shaped bars for higher capacity at fine bar spacing.
  • Optional curved bottom bars.
  • Easy replaceable bars, spacing and rake elements.
  • Stainless steel chains and sprockets.
  • Module section design for simple installation and delivery.
  • Quality construction from thick certified stainless material.
  • Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.

Chain Rake Screen CRS is a modern mechanically raked ”multi rake” coarse automatic bar screen that separates debrie and rubbish from water. It is used in pumping stations, water intakes, headworks screen at waste water treatment plants. Conveyor chain drive with multiple rakes gives fast cleaning cycles for high flow and conveying capabilities.


  • Discharge height 2-80m
  • Width 500-3000mm
  • Bar spacing 4-100mm
  • Capacity 100-20000l/s


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