Spiral Weir Screen SWS

  • Used in concrete channels to treat sewage water at high flow scenarios.
  • Modern construction from robust certified stainless high-quality materials.
  • Compact solution for narrow channels.
  • Spiral with shaft for pushing operation handles tangling solids such as rags/cloth.
  • 10-15 mm thick segment welded stainless steel spiral.
  • Full length backed non water absorbing high quality brush strip in SS316 channel.
  • No clamps that tangle up screenings!
  • Screenings can be fed back to the main channel or be pushed out of the channel via a conical discharge pipe.


Diameter trough 300, 500 & 700mm

Length trough 1-10m

Perforation 3, 5 or 6mm

Capacity 10-1300l/s


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