Septic Sludge Receiver SSR

– Modern construction from robust stainless high quality materials.
– Totally self cleaning. No spraying or brushes.
– Hinged supports enables quick pivoting out of both screen and conveyor for service.
– Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.
Length 3000-4000mm
Width 1600-2200mm
Bar spacing 3-6mm
Capacity 1-6m3/min at 1-4%DS

SSR screens septic external import sludge pumped from tanker trucks or internal sludges at wwtps.
It's a non pressurised freestanding easy accessible system. Self cleaning without brushes or flushing.
SSR is fully enclosed, well ventilated with compressor tanker air evac.
It consists of a tankmounted Andersson Stair Screen ASS with 3-6mm bar spacing and
a Wash Press Compactor WPC.
SSR can be equipped with integrated stone trap compartment and stone conveyor SSC.
From the stone trap the sludge flows over a weir into the screen compartment.
The stone trap separates grit and stones to protect the screen, compactor and the
following process from wear. The separated screenings debrie is treated by the
Wash Press Compactor WPC pressing against the friction of a
stand pipe or combined with a Back Pressure Shredder BPS.


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