Plastic Chain Scraper KKR

  • KKR is the worlds strongest plastic chain and flight scraper! Several times the strength and wear capabilites compared to others. Can replace existing chains.
  • KKR has stronger transmission (shafts/bearings/drive unit) and weld sealed stainless buoyant scraper flight blades and well extended turn shafts which enables 15m wide scrapers which is more than double that of most with fibre glass flights limited to 7m with short turn shafts.
  • The buoyant scraper blade flights run lightly on wheels at the tank bottom and return rails. This reduces jerking forces in the chains which further enhances life span on chains, flights and chain wheels.
  • The flight support wheels can easily be changed from the tank surface without emptying the tank.
  • Turn shaft chain wheels och drive shaft has easy exchangeable wear bushings clamped onto the shafts. The bushings in turn runs in split slide bearing housings. This prevents wear on the shafts.
  • Patented tank surface level adapting scum screw skimmer and skimmer hopper reduces unnecessary water extraction with the scum removed.


Length 12-120m
Width 1.2-15m


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